Health as Mother Nature Intended

Mother Nature Organics’s Purpose

At Mother Nature Organics we all come to work every day because we have made a commitment to revolutionize the superfood industry! Today, people are confused by all the health and nutritional supplement options available online. How do you know what your body needs? How do you choose the best quality? How do you afford to keep ordering supplements on a monthly basis in order to maintain the results you set out to achieve?

Mother Nature Organics wants to help you answer these questions with:

  • Easily relatable information on the benefits of each supplement, and on where and how we source them.
  • Our on-site medical expert who is available on our 24/7 chatline to discuss questions and concerns about particular conditions, beneficial supplements, as well as any possible interactions or contraindications
  • An easy-to-pinpoint chart where you can easily match symptoms and conditions to available superfoods and supplements
  • Affordable pricing, with an additional rewards plan that provides discounts for customers who take advantage of our monthly shipment option.
  • Our guarantee to maintain the highest quality standards in each and every aspect of our business from wild-crafted mountaintop to your table.

Who Are We?

Mother Nature Organics is a family-owned and run company. Our roots are in the heart of Peru, and Peru will always be in our hearts. We began Mother Nature Organics because we are passionate about helping people feel vibrantly energized, happy, healthy and strong! And our passion has only gotten stronger with time! As we evolve, we take note every day of ways to improve our customers’ experience with Mother Nature Organics superfood products that are ecologically sourced, harvested and processed from a country that has the very best plant medicines and the very best growing conditions in the world. We are committed to our customers’ wellness, and to providing the most current and helpful information, education and support we can provide to help you achieve your goals!

Mother Nature Organics - A Mission to Serve

Madre Nature is partnering with a charitable organization in the Andes that provides sustainable jobs for the indigenous people of the Andes mountain region, and is especially focused on eliminating child homelessness and hunger. With every product that you order from Madre Nature, you are taking part in this project, as a percentage of the sale goes to support the very people who grow, tend, and harvest your supplements!

At Madre Nature, we take the health and wellness of our customers and our planet very seriously, and support ecologically-conscious and peaceful choices in every product we carry! Please enjoy our website, take a look at our products, and become a part of the Madre Nature family!

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