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Liposomal Glutathione, PQQ & Lactoferrin

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ReGenesis – Liposomal Glutathione, PQQ & Lactoferrin + Probiotics. 5 oral expenses (5 * 30ml)

- ReGeneis is the most advanced formula to date, integrating five of the most important nutrients required for almost every biological process in the human body. With the current state of our modern world, stress and disease are on the rise at an alarming rate.
- ReGenesis is an exceptionally unique formula incorporating the patented liposomal delivery technology; beneficial for all walks of life, young and old.
- Unlike most glutathione products that degrade quickly, ours is stable, bounded to lactoferrin and advanced probiotics, and has a delicious flavor. The benefits of ReGenesis are endless. Every ingredient has hundreds if not thousands of published studies supporting its efficacy and its critical role in human vitality. When combined together you get ReGenesis, aka The Youth Molecule!
- Ingredients: Glutathione (GSH), Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ-10), PQQ Pyrroloquinoline Quinone or (PQQ), Riboflavin, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus (LR), Organic Coconut Glycerin, Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, Organic MCT Oil, Organic Orange Oil, Organic Monk Fruit.
- Contains: Dairy as Lactoferrin Lactoferrin is lactose, whey, and casein-free, and is generally safe for those with a milk allergy.
- Directions: Dispense 2ml of Regenesis onto a spoon and consume. Best took on an empty stomach at least 20 minutes before food.
Refrigeration after opening is recommended but not required. Store in a cool dry place or refrigerate. Dosage: Adults: 2ml daily, Children: 1ml daily
Pro Tip: Upon rise each day, we immediately hydrate with 16oz of water. Then we take Regenesis.

Country of Origin: USA


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