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Black Seed Capsules – Organic or Conventional? Any Fillers? Dried Powder or Oil Inside? Amazing Herbs Comparison.


Content of Black Seed Oil Capsules

We use the same Organic Black Seed Oil inside our black seed oil capsule soft gel.  Some other brands use a dried powder or a paste, which typically is broken down nutritionally speaking.


Organic, Cold-Pressed Oil Used?  Or Plain Conventional Oil?

The benefit of choosing black seed oil capsules over black seed oil in a glass bottle is a choice of both lifestyle and also personal convenience.  In actuality many of our customers purchase both – since administering from the glass bottle at work or on the road can be challenging.  Throw the black seed oil soft gels in your purse, backpack or gym bag when you are on the go at work, travel, or working out at the gym!

When comparing black seed oil capsule by other brands, there are a few important questions you must ask.

For instance, we get asked the question, how is your product better than the Amazing Herbs black seed oil capsules?  There are two main aspects where our product is superior:


  1. Organic Black Seed Oil Inside the Capsule: Not a Cheaper Conventionally Produced Oil.
  2. No Fillers, Excipients or Dilutants


Does Your Black Seed Oil Capsules Contain Any Fillers?

Absolutely Not!  Unlike other brands, our product is 100% pure black seed oil.

Here is an example of the label for the Amazing Herbs black seed cold-pressed oil capsules showing some potential problems for the Consumer:

amazing herbs black seed oil capsules

Example Showing Conventional Oil and also Water as a Diluting Agent


Why Not Organic???

As you can see, there is no mention of Organic.   Why Not?  Organic material is readily available by farmers, but at a high acquisition price for the brand.  Also, there is an operational overhead to be certified as a NOP Organic facility.


Why Water?  I Have Enough Water at Home!

Also listed under ‘Other Ingredients’ is Water.  The big question is just how much water is in the capsule?  Technically speaking, the water content could be up to 49% before it needs to be listed as a primary ingredient.  The addition of water as a diluting agent certainly does magnify, whether intentional or for industrial reasons, the profitability of the product.  This is something to be aware of and look into further.

Don’t get us wrong!  The black seed oil by Amazing Herbs is a good product backed by a reputable brand in the industry.  But it is time for companies to adopt an ALL ORGANIC mission statement for their brand so that customers know and trust that organic products will always be offered when available in the industry.


My Personal Story… Resulting in Our Companies Mission and Values

I’ll close with an analogy of shopping at Whole Foods for Black Seed Oil.  You would assume that everything in Whole Foods is organic, but you would be surprised!  Whole Foods sells many conventional and also GMO products – completely contrary to the consumer’s concept when shopping at Whole Foods.  The brand message is now confusing, and when you pay a premium price for a product and you have to spend time to triple-check labels so you are not feeding GMO products to your family, you are probably going to get frustrated.  The consumer needs to know that their protected by the brand.

This is why our customers love us, (check our Amazing Black Seed Oil Reviews on Amazon to see why!).  Our Promise to our customers is simply expressed as:


“Mother Nature Organics Promise to Customers”

1. Organic First
2. Tested for Quality and Effectiveness
3. Affordable Prices
4. Environmentally Sustainable


This is why our customers love us.  It’s that simple.


Black Seed Oil Reviews – Real Reviews from Our Customers


Black Seed Oil Review

“I was given black seed oil by a patient I met at my acupuncture office. I have HER2+ Breast Cancer that has metastasized to my bone, brain and liver. I am taking it to keep my immune system strong, keep my gut healthy and Kill the cancer. I have been taking it for about two weeks. I do feel like I have a little more energy since I started taking the black seed oil. Time will tell!”

1 Million and 1 Uses of This Product
Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2019
Size: 120 CountVerified Purchase
Is there anything this cannot do?
Hair growth?
Need energy?
Cancer/ prevention?
Thyroid issues?
Looking for a restful nights rest?
All around good health this does it all.
I highly recommend this product!
What I did was watched a bunch of YouTube videos and spoke to my cousin and Mother in law who have been taking this product and swear by it for a lot of those issues I listed above.
I personally used it topically for inflammation after a spinal fusion. You can pop open a capsule and use it that way and also take it internally to double down.
I also use it for hair growth. I got a horrendous hair cut and was willing to try anything. I use this along with collagen, healthy diet and vitamins and my hair grew faster than normal without a doubt.
I have bought the capsules and the liquid and I like both.
I will be a returning customer for sure!”


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