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Can I Mix Black Seed Oil With Honey?

Do you want to give a more delicious taste to your meals when using Black Seed Oil?

The short answer: GREAT IDEA!

Is it just for the taste?

“The addition of honey on Black Seed Oil can improve the antioxidant capacity of honey. A mild scent and a pleasant taste are obtained.”European Journal of Food Science and Technology

Honey is a sweet and viscous liquid that has anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, and antioxidant properties.

It’s often eaten as an energy food but also has so many nutritional benefits and antioxidant properties.

Black Seed Oil and Honey

“Recent research showed that the mixture of honey and black seed oil has a higher concentration of total phenols (attributed to antioxidant properties).”  – Mirela Briga. Reserch Entitled: Black Seed Oil as an Additive to Honey

So, if you want to have the BEST of both worlds, you should try it out the next time!

Full of antioxidants, full of nutrients, boost your Health with Mother Nature Organics. Energy for all day long.

Are you in a hurry? No problem at all …

Mix 2 spoon of honey with 1 of black seed oil and add it to your meal, that’s it!

Or you can try Mother Nature Organics Black Seed Oil Capsules.

Would You Like To Know What Customers Say About this?

Not bad: “I notice I don’t get sick often since I’ve been taking it. It has a herbal taste it’s not bad with a little honey

Potent: “I love the quality and strength. It’s a bit peppery, so I add cinnamon and turmeric along with raw honey when blending with my morning coffee.”

TRY IT AND YOU WILL NEVER STOP!!: “I’ve been using this and it’s WONDERFUL! I’m sleeping better, skin clearing, and the taste is not bitter! I take it with organic honey.”

Where To Buy Black Seed Oil?

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Simply take the step to try something different to get better your health mixing Honey with Black Seed Oil.


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