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Is Huanarpo Macho Important For Male Performance, Pills For Testosterone and Other Dysfunctions?

Is Huanarpo Macho Important For Male Performance, Pills For Testosterone, and Other Dysfunctions?


Huanarpo Macho: What is This Plant and What Are The Benefits?

Huanarpo Macho (Jatropha macrantha) is a tropical herb that grows in the Rainforests of Peru and the Amazon.  According to a definitive botanical resource called Rain-Tree, Huanarpo is described as:

“In herbal medicine systems in Peru, Huanarpo macho is considered aphrodisiac, anti-asthmatic, anti-diabetic, antitussive, anti-ulcerous, and nervine.  Huanarpo is widely used to restore male sexual potency, for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and as a male sexual tonic and aphrodisiac.”

Is Huanarpo Macho Considered a Natural Viagra?

Traditionally used as a male sexual stimulant, libido enhancer and aphrodisiac; for erectile dysfunction; for renal and adrenal support; as a nervine to calm and support the central nervous system; as an antitussive (for coughs, asthma and bronchitis).

Are there other Peruvian Herbs that Have Similar Benefits like Huanarpo Macho?

Yes!  There are many natural herbs from the Amazon Rainforest that are used as ingredients in many Testosterone Boosting Supplements and Libido Improvement Pills such as Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Booster and Rhino Pills and Extenze.  Everyone, well every male, seems to be looking for natural, herbal alternatives to Viagra.  Often times in the ingredients of a popular supplement both Huanarpo and Black Maca is blended into a capsule or pill along with Horny Goat Weed.

Mother Nature Organics specializes in Male Enhancement products, specifically Huanarpo and Black Maca.  When taken together, these two natural herbs build up in the system and have been known to increase stamina, endurance, strength, and staying power!

When looking for supplements for premature ejaculation or natural cures and treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), it is important to ensure that there are no fillers or artificial ingredients or used as agents during the manufacturing process, called excipients.   Ensure the herbs are wild-harvested (as in the case of our Huanarpo Macho or certified USDA Organic like our Black Maca Powder or Black Maca Capsules

Male Performance Pills

Here are our best male performance pills available on Mother Nature Organics.  Each product is a single-ingredient encapsulation of the superfood.  Natural.  Wild Harvested, and/or Certified Organic.



A Comparison of Huanarpo and Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Booster

Prime Labs is a leading supplier of male enhancing supplements.  Their product does not contain any Huanarpo or Black Maca as ingredients.  It contains proprietary and not fully documented blend containing 6-10 products, such as Tongkat Ali powder.  When such a mixture is involved, it is hard to ensure that contaminants and other heavy metals are not present.  Tongkat Ali is generally recognized as safe, but at times it contains amounts of mercury depending on the source – the worse the source (overseas, certain countries) the higher the mercury content.  Definitely ask for a 3rd Party Independent Test to validate to see if the levels of known contaminants are within range.


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