Black Maca vs Red Maca – What is the Difference?

Black Maca, Yellow Maca, and Red Maca

We’re often asked this very question, what is the difference between black maca vs red maca. Here are the main points to consider regarding selecting the best maca powder or maca capsules for your lifestyle and health expectations.

Black Maca Benefits

The main benefits are attributed to increasing libido, assisting with symptoms of erectile dysfunction, boosting energy and endurance. A scientific study determined that black maca alone was also shown to improve sperm motility and count, while yellow or red maca did not. Reference: Treatments With Three Ecotypes of Lepidium Meyenii (MACA) on Spermatogenesis in Rats

For this reason, typically black maca is classified as the preferred maca of choice for men, or with males

Special Note: Black Maca and Black Seed Oil work synergistically to boost the energy, performance, and libido in males.

Red Maca Benefits

Red maca is slightly sweeter in taste. It also has been studied to be more effective to help boost energy and mood. For this reason, red maca corresponds to being a supplement of choice for women. In addition, red maca has been shown to help with symptoms of menopause, hormonal balance, hormonal acne, female fertility, and libido, and even help with increasing bone density.

Conclusion About Maca

Any maca powder will derive the same benefits, but certain maca color types may provide a bit more benefit for certain health scenarios. All maca is super healthy and there is definitely a “one to many” relationship of maca to numerous health benefits. Add this superfood to your diet today! Select either powder or capsules that match your lifestyle best!