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How to Take Aguaje Pills?

Great question! Aguaje pills are very easy to take, just like any other superfood that is encapsulated in the capsule or pill form. Our Aguaje pills are composed of a single-ingredient superfood with no fillers (Aguaje, known as Mauritia Flexuosa or also known Buriti Palm, also known as the Moriche Palm.

Simply take 2-4 capsules per day, and over the long term your body will adapt to the phytoestrogens. You may experience physical bodily changes or hormonal adjustments that may help with the symptoms of mood, depression, and anxiety. As reported by our customers in their review of Aguaje, many have described a balancing of menopause symptoms such as hot flashes or pre-menopausal issues with PMS pain and discomfort.

Mother Nature Organics offers the very best, premium-grade Aguaje Fruit pills right here on our website!

The reason why it is considered Premium Agjuaje is due to the fact that we only use the nutritious fruit pulp during the extraction process. This reduced the level of fiber in each capsule. This means the nutrients are more concentrated without fiber affecting the bioabsorption levels.

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