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Is Camu-Camu Good For Weight Loss?

Health experts often recommend a diet rich in polyphenols for people trying to lose weight. Fruits such as Camu Camu and vegetables contain polyphenols known as phytochemicals in large levels.

Camu Camu for weight loss According to a study* it is revealed that Camu-Camu benefits weight loss by preventing obesity, the accumulation of fat in the visceral organs, and inflammatory processes.

It is believed that the anti-obesity effect of this fruit may be due to an increase in resting metabolism.

This fruit appears to increase the breakdown of fats and decrease fat production while helping the body expend energy.

Although more research is still needed in this regard. It has to be mentioned that …

“This superfood contains antioxidants that protect obese people from type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol/triglycerides issues” – Science Alert *

Experts also recommended consuming a greater quantity of fruits and vegetables rich in polyphenols due to their great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.