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Pürblack - Live Resin Shilajit (30g Jar with Pürscale)

Shilajit is the fulvic acid and trace mineral food supplement. Our product has been treated using modern technology of cold extraction. Compared to the traditional approaches it preserves most of the molecular properties including the extremely fine filtration. It also has an advantage over other mineral supplements as it is 100% naturally harvested, not mixed or synthesized with other elements and its deposits are limited.

- Pürblack Live Resin is UNIQUE among all traditionally manufactured Shilajit and Mumie. It is a genuine and elite, 4th Generation Resin. Pürblack uses the latest technology in Shilajit, US Patent Application Publication No.: US 2013/0280291A1. Pürblack after purified is closer to the resin's state in nature, as well as cleaner and safer than any traditionally manufactured Resin. Our resin combines all benefits of top Shilajit. 
- American technology. Manufacturing is fully controlled by the US company.
- Includes patented Pürscale device to measure and dissolve the resin effectively.
This 30 grams jar lasts: Dosage of 250ml - 120 servings

Country of Origin: USA.

Why We Need Shilajit? Due to agricultural methods and worldwide pollution, both the soil and our diets are depleted of vital nutrients.

Shilajit supplies you with additional nutrients and unlike an ordinary mineral supplement, the fulvic acid component of Shilajit improves mineral absorption, supports your health & well-being.

  • Protect against nutrient depletion, support your health & well-being.
  • Promote wound healing, recovery, and gorgeous skin and hair.
  • Works well for post-workout recovery.
  • Support metabolism and possibly contribute to stable blood pressure.


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