Mother Nature Organics | Is this 100% yellow maca? Or other color added?

Is this 100% yellow maca? Or other color added?


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Madre Nature Admin Comment posted on 4/04/2019

Hello, thank you for your question! In actuality, the yellow maca root powder is a blend of primarily yellow maca root (80%), black maca root (10%), and red maca root (10%). The subtle benefits of the black and red maca root adds to the overall richness of this powder for those who are looking for a great all purpose maca product.

For those who wish to intensify the benefits for certain health conditions, we do offer a 100% black maca powder product as well as a 100% red maca powder product.

Our maca product is from the latest harvest, USDA Organic, and pesticide/heavy metal tested and free. On top of this, we contribute $2 of each bag purchased to help the rural areas of Peru from where the maca originates, as a way to give back to the local community.

We hope you enjoy our product.

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