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what color maca roots are used in this?


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Madre Nature Admin Comment posted on 4/04/2019

Also by including red and maca powder the quality is improved compared to just being 100% from just yellow roots, making it more premium!

Our maca powder is primarily from the yellow maca root, but we do add a percentage of black and red maca as well. Here is the breakdown on the specific maca percentages:
80% Yellow Maca, 13-15 % Red Maca, and 5 – 7 % Black Maca
Our USDA Organic certified maca is always from the last harvest and 100% sourced from Peru for maximum freshness and purity. Please let me know if you have any further questions, I am happy to assist!
Ed Sexton | General Manager | Madre Nature
We are a small, family run business originally from Peru specializing in natural and effective products from the Amazon Rainforest and Andes Mountain regions of South America. We are passionate about discovering new health and beauty products that enrich the health of our customers. Obtaining certifications for USDA Organic, non­GMO, vegan and gluten free are our top priority when selecting new products for the Madre Nature brand.
We are in the process of establishing a charitable fund so we can help support Peru through projects involving child homelessness and hunger. More details coming soon on this effort.

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