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Our Story

All it took was one family member to be diagnosed with a terminal illness back in 2014. Since then, the Founders Katherine and Ed Sexton dedicated their lives to finding alternative treatments and protocols.

That’s how Mother Nature Organics began. However, the true origin of the company is the Family heritage and cultural connection to the Amazon Rainforest. Katherine is Peruvian and first started by selling the beautiful products of the Amazon Rainforest.

As our customer base grew, we met farmers cultivating black seed oil and learned about the many benefits of this super seed. So, with years of work, here we are now - offering superfoods, natural and organic healthy oils, and now our supplement formulations to ensure we offer the very best, honest, and price-friendly products that you come to expect from Mother Nature.

Our Mission

❝ We want you to feel joy, health, and happiness from within. Here at Mother Nature Organics, we are passionate about helping our clients become strong and rejuvenated with a range of all-nature products obtained ecologically and sustainably.❞

Our Beliefs

The Sanctity of Nature

We value the beauty and sanctity of nature. Thus, we seek to minimize our impact on the environment by using natural ingredients in our products and making a conscious effort to support organic farming, recycling, and sustainable energy sources.

Customer First - ALWAYS!

You will always come first with Mother Nature Organics. This means you always get to have the last word. All your questions, queries, and concerns are answered on a priority basis: excellent customer service and guaranteed satisfaction.

❝ Shopping Organic ❞ doesn’t have to be complicated or pricey. We mean it!

Our Promises

We take the guesswork out of whether a product is organic by showcasing our certifications and company best practices. When it comes to shopping organic, we want you to think of Mother Nature first. As the name implies, you can come to expect the very best from Mother Nature.

🌱 Climate Friendly Products

We ensure our brand is ethical and fair to the farmers who grow and harvest for us and strive to do better for our planet.

🌱 Plant-Based Goodness

We use plant-based ingredients, source organic wherever possible, and have the highest testing standards for all of our products at affordable prices. 

🌱 Healthier For You & The World

Our uncompromising vision is to create health and beauty products whose ingredients and processes preserve the many gifts of Mother Nature.

🌱 Clean Label

Every one of our products is formulated without the use of GMOs. They’re also free of gluten, soy, preservatives, additives, dairy, and other common allergens. Most of our products are suitable for Vegans.

🌱 Fair Trade

We are proud to work closely with family farmers establishing responsible practices and healthy working conditions on the farms where our products are grown. Our Producers must meet rigorous standards for child labor, water conservation, and elimination of harmful chemicals.

Our Core Values

We aim to provide superfoods and nutraceuticals made from the highest quality ingredients to offer you the best products. We’ve ensured that our high-quality products only come from sustainable production practices and fair trading. Additionally, we are certified to sell these products under the USDA and strive to give our customers the best product and service possible

USDA Certified Organic

Mother Nature Organics is certified under the US Department of Agriculture. We ensure that all our products are made from renewable resources and conservation of land. This leads to better preservation, hopefully leading to a more habitable world for future generations. The USDA certification guarantees that our products don’t have chemical fertilizers, pesticides, sewage sludge, and GMOs.

Sustainable Sourcing

Most nutraceuticals are a result of wild-harvesting. This method has long-term adverse effects on the environment, making it unsustainable. Many of these natural herbs are grown in polluted countries, far from their origin (Maca). Furthermore, the plants used to create these products are declared endangered because they are near-extinction or protective legislation. Mother Nature Organics is dedicated to reversing this trend by supporting sustainable projects that use eco-friendly methods of farming and harvesting.

Fair Trading

At Mother Nature Organics, we believe in having a harmonious relationship with our suppliers, supporting the economic and social well-being of small farmers, and upholding the principles of fair trade. This involves maintaining long-term relationships with farmers and producers based on trust and mutual respect.

Great Workspace

The next step is to ensure equality in pay irrespective of gender and background to work towards poverty alleviation and sustainable development. Furthermore, our work environment is free from forced labor and physical, psychological, or verbal abuse, making it a great place to work.

Our Farmers

At Mother Nature Organics, we want to make a difference with the awesome products we sell and leave the environment better than we found it. We make this happen with sustainable production and encourage safe and farming practices.

Meet Our Farmers

Meet The Super Food Team

This is your team at Mother Nature Organics. 

We bring our expertise to serve you and support your health goals. Our passion for health is the dedication we give to every customer.

Ed Sexton
Co-Founder & CEO
Kathy Sexton
Ghil Mendoza
Marketing Manager
Kevin Rodriguez
Brand Manager
Celis Baldeon
Logistics Manager
Christian Huertas
Customer Success Manager
Elena Gonzalez
Marketing Manager
Yucey Ochoa
Technical Support
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