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We believe in having a harmonious relationship with our suppliers, supporting the economic and social well-being of small farmers, and upholding the principles of fair trade.

Straight From The Source

At Mother Nature Organics, we want to make a difference with the awesome products we sell and leave the environment better than we found it. We make this happen with sustainable production and encourage safe and farming practices.

We're 100% committed to partnering with local farmers, getting actively involved, and helping them strengthen their economies in regions where we source.

All our ingredients come straight from the source, without third-party partners, working with over 1,000 farmers worldwide. Every purchase of our ethically sourced, organically grown superfoods supports our farmers and their communities.

Continue the journey with us as we highlight the different origins of our main superfood ingredients

🌱 Peru

From the Peruvian Andes to the Amazon Rainforest, this wonderful land brings incredible superfoods well-known from Incas times. 

Nutrient-rich, packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, in Peru, grows Camu Camu fruit, Maca Root, Graviola Fruit, among others.

Meet, "Anita", a Peruvian farmer dedicated to the harvest of Maca. She along with her family sows the Maca roots in Junin, over 7,000 ft above sea level. She owns over 100 acres of land, and every year (around June, July) harvest the roots, selecting the Black Maca, Red Maca for Mother Nature Organics.

We work with over 500 farmers in Peru for our special ingredients, and we are proud that, as Anita, we can introduce their stories to you.

Know other superfood ingredients we source from this incredible ancient land.

🌱 India

This amazing country full of history and wisdom grows an entire range of ayurvedic herbal ingredients and seeds where we source directly for our products. 

We work with farmers in Tamil Nadu, and other regions, where Moringa, Black Cumin Seed, Ashwagandha, and Turmeric are harvested.

Meet, "Krisha", an Indian farmer dedicated to the harvest of Moringa. Along with her family, works to sow moringa in Tamil Nadu. From the Moringa plant, we collect the leaves, and the seeds for our special products. The peak harvest is during March-August. 

India is home to many special herbs, take a quick sneak of all the wonders we source from this land.

The Sanctity of nature

We value the beauty and sanctity of nature. Thus, we seek to minimize our impact on the environment by using natural ingredients in our products and making a conscious effort to support organic farming, recycling, and sustainable energy sources.