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Why Buy from Mother Nature Organics?

At Mother Nature Organics we know that every product is 100% organic, grown wild in the Peruvian Andes or Peruvian rainforest regions. We know that the plants and herbs are untouched by pollutants and chemicals, and we know that they are grown in nutrient-dense organic soil at optimal humidity. We know that they are picked at peak harvest time, and that they are processed right in the Andes, in a GMP-certified facility. That’s why we know that these are the caliber of superfoods that we want to bring to our customers!

GMO means “genetically modified organism”, and GMO seeds and crops are genetically engineered in a laboratory by extracting genes from one species and artificially implanting them into the genes of another. Many countries have already banned GMO’s, citing health and environmental risks from foods that contain GMOs. Mother Nature Organics superfoods are completely non-GMO!

We strongly believe that processing at low temperatures preserves the nutritional compounds of our products.

Mother Nature Organics is committed to working with the people who grow, harvest and process every product, and has joined with an organization that gives back to the Peruvian people of the Andes Mountains and Amazon rainforest to provide sustainable income for housing, food and education, especially for children.

Mother Nature Organics provides thorough testing on every product that leaves our company, ensuring that it is the very best possible quality, and free from mistakes or defects.

Being certified by the Control Union Certifications Social and Fair Trade Standard (or CU Fair Choice) means that every Mother Nature Organics product you buy complies with social principles like equal benefits, no discrimination and labor safety, environmental principles regarding water, waste and biodiversity, economic principles like fair trade, and transparency with labeling products!

Health Products

Boost Your Stamina

Powerful, natural products to improve strength, endurance, and performance

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Essential Oils & Extracts

To nourish and regenerate our skin
Certified natural supplies of proven quality for our body

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Ancestral Superfoods

Nourish & Regenerate Your Skin

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Natural supplements caps.
Vitalize your body and mind to have power all day

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Health Products

Balance Hormones & Improve Energy

Adaptogens to help you balance stress levels, bring hormonal balance, and improve focus and energy!

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