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11 Things Men Must Know About Black Maca


11 Things Men Must Know About Black Maca


For over 2,000 years, Black maca has been grown in the Peruvian Andes for several reasons. Scientifically, it is an herb known as Lepidium meyenii and belongs to the family of cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli.

You have probably heard about black, red, yellow maca, and you might wonder how is this possible? Well, maca roots have different color ecotypes that come from the harvest, and each color has some unique properties that make it different.

While black maca root is typically used in enhancing the male aura causing much buzz on the internet, you should know the added benefits.

For example, maca can also alleviate brain fog, fatigue, improve energy levels, and even depression.  

 You may ask, what is black maca good for? So, let us dive in and explore all the amazing benefits of black maca that you stand to gain.

Maca for Sex Drive/ Libido:

As we’ve said, men of the Inca community conventionally used black maca to enhance sexual performance. To date, this remains the most popular reason why many men still use it.


Even though current studies on the use of maca for sex drive are still narrow, scientists seem to agree that it improves sex drive.

Several randomized and double-blind studies presented promising outcomes. Two groups of men were sampled in the survey. One group was given black maca capsules and the other a placebo. 

 Compared to a control group, men who used black maca root reported a steep increase in their libido2

 In addition, some men in a separate group who had erectile dysfunction attested to better and longer sustained erections4

Therefore, if you want to revitalize your performance between the sheets naturally, look no further than black maca.


Myths and Facts

Several studies examine the scientific basis for the benefits of black maca root. Here are some of them, while we also will debunk some myths:

1. Fact: You will rise to the occasion

Research backs the consumption of black maca pills for sex drive. A 2009 study2 examined men taking maca and compared their results to those given a placebo. The results indicated that after taking maca supplements for at least 12 weeks, these men reported a significant increase in their sex drive. And while all the three species were used in the study, both red, yellow, and black, the latter was the most potent4.

2. Fact: Natural remedy for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to sustain an erection during intercourse. Usually, a wide range of remedies are available for this cause, and black maca capsules are an effective alternative to overcome the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

The mechanisms for these effects may involve the upregulation of nitric oxide and messenger (cGMP) concentrations in the penis5.

natural remedy

3. Fact: Maca prevents skin damage

Notably, extracts from the roots of the maca plant offer protection from UV rays. Animal studies done for three consecutive weeks showed that extracts offer a barrier against damaging UV rays, therefore improving your skin’s condition6.

4. Fact: Immune booster

Taking a teaspoon of black maca powder each day arms your immune system to fight diseases in several ways:

Black maca root is an excellent source of protein and amino acids, which are the building blocks of your immune system and are needed to remodel and repair damaged tissues. 

Furthermore, it improves the synthesis of antibodies and immune mediators. In response, men taking maca powder are healthier and have a lower prevalence of chronic diseases. 

Biomolecules from the black maca root possibly aid in resisting oxidation, fatigue resistance, raising fertility, regulating the endocrine system, enhancing immunity, tumor suppression, treating osteoporosis, regulating blood sugar, and protecting the nervous system7.

5. Fact: Good for your sperm’s health

A 2016 study validates that black maca root improves fertility parameters in men. After using black maca root pills for three months, qualitative assays noted an increased sperm count, more motile sperm, and increased seminal volume9

 However, researchers cautioned that extensive studies are needed to ground our understanding in this sector.

6. Fact: Impeccable nutritional value

Black maca is a superfood. It is nutrient-dense and an excellent source of essential minerals and vitamins. 

Each serving of maca powder contains carbohydrates, fiber, protein, the B vitamin complex, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, and manganese1

Black maca root is a rich source of carbohydrates and protein, has trace fat elements, and has a high fiber content. 

The high carbs content is required to replenish glycogen stores, the body’s primary source of fuel. As such, maca is recommended for athletes and swimmers because of its impact on energy levels.


impeccable nutrition

7. Fact: Maca is an exceptional mood enhancer

While the underlying mechanisms are shrouded in mystery, studies on black maca root show it’s possibly psychoactive. 

Researchers ranked anxiety and depression scores of samples before and after taking maca. Samples who took maca had higher happiness scores and were less anxious8

Also, black maca root is rich in flavonoids, an essential element that scientists have found to be responsible for the mood-enhancing effect.

8. Myth: Black maca does not have side effects

While black maca seems to be all about pomp and glory, you should first experiment with small doses, and consult with your physician or practitioner before taking any herbal supplements. 

That said, the safety index of black maca extracts seems pretty high, considering that Peruvians have been consuming it for ages. So, while the risk of side effects is quite slim, there are some which are common. 

For example, vomiting, nausea, and stomach upsets. And some studies note that taking more than necessary is terrible for your thyroid’s health. 

While it’s safe to consume, take precautions if you are under medications, ask your doctor, and do not exceed the recommended dose.


mproves bone integrity

9. Fact: Improves bone integrity

Black maca is essential for healthy bone development. As earlier explained, it is rich in essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which are integral for ossification7

These elements function in synergy alongside vitamin D to promote bone mineralization, bolstering bone density and structure.



10. Fact: Black Maca is an Adaptogen

Black maca is an adaptogen7. An adaptogen is a biomolecule that can affect the communication cascade between your neuroendocrine and immune systems, especially during stressful circumstances. 

For example, researchers note that taking black maca root powder results in generally lower blood pressure and blood sugar and can be a protective factor against developing high blood pressure or diabetes8.

11. Uncertain: Black maca may not prevent prostate health issues

Preliminary studies show that red maca is one of the most effective natural remedies for supporting the prostate. Initial animal studies found that red maca is a potential remedy against prostate enlargement.

However, note that although treatment was also based on black maca root, comparatively, it scored less than its red counterpart10.



Tips on How to Consume Maca For Sex Drive

The Inca people typically roasted the maca root or pounded it to a smooth paste for their daily use. However, there are even simpler ways to add this treatment to your lifestyle. 

The most well-known presentations of black maca root come in 1,000mg pills. Each pill is 100% organic and free of additives, and rich in minerals and vitamins to give you the push you deserve through the day. Take two pills each day, one in the morning soon after waking up and another in the afternoon as your energy levels deteriorate. 


Black Maca 30000

A recently released presentation of black maca contains 30,000mg of equivalent per fresh maca root. It contains organic black maca extract in a 40:1 ratio, the most concentrated form available in the market. If you are looking to have results quickly then, don’t look further. Get your bottle here.  

Another option is the all-natural black maca root powder . You can add a teaspoon to your favorite beverages, milkshakes, smoothies, as well as pastries. The powder is double-checked for purity and safety and has all essential elements to promote reproductive health. 

The risk of side effects is shallow. In fact, scientists have conducted trials running for weeks without a report of adverse effects or dependence.  

 In this line, there is no harm in using black maca root capsules alongside the powder to get a more potent revitalization of your sex drive!


Maca is the best gift you can add to your diet. Research shows its benefits transcend the classical management of performance issues. In addition, it improves memory, energy levels, mood improvement, and more. 

While there are other varieties of maca, black maca is the most potent, and therefore we recommend it to you. Enjoy the benefits of taking our organic black maca root products to live an energized life!


Maca Capsules


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