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You've heard the stories... the outrageous claims.  How can it be? 

That this one fruit from the Amazon Rainforest be the key to unlocking curves and bigger, larger parts of your anatomy?  Is this fact, or fiction? 

Your Definitive Guide to Aguaje Fruit & Women's Health

Well you are reading in the right place because we are one of the top authorities on Aguaje Fruit, the Curvy-Fruit, and we provide factual, science-backed data to the common questions, of: "Can Aguaje Help Me Increase My Butt Size?"  or "Can Aguaje Actually Boost My Bra Size?" These are common questions, and important ones too. 

Aguaje Fruit, in addition to these questions that persist around the folklore of Aguaje, has much more to offer than these questions, such as: "What are the Nutrients Found in Aguaje that can help My Skin and My Hormonal Health?" You've come to the right place.

This is the "Definitive Guide to Aguaje Fruit" specific for Women's Health and Hormonal Balance. Read on and decide for yourself if, in fact, the Aguaje Fruit supplement is the right choice for YOU. 

The 5 Benefits of Aguaje for Women's Health

1. Enhance Fertility of Women

Aguaje is super-packed with nutrition!  According to an article on Healthline, in order to boost your fertility, one should consume 12 key vitamins and minerals.  Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Iron are among the top vitamins in Aguaje that are also recommended by the Healthline Article entitled: Try These 12 Vitamins and Supplements to Boost Your Fertility.

2.  Reduce Symptoms of Menopause

Aguaje contains naturally occurring compounds called phytoestrogens. 

To a certain extent phytoestrogens could serve as a natural type of hormone replacement therapy.  They mimic your body's own production of estrogen.  In one study in the scientific journal 'Climacteric' entitled "Efficacy of Phytoestrogens for Menopausal Symptoms" they concluded the following:  

"Conclusion: Phytoestrogens appear to reduce the frequency of hot flushes in menopausal women, without serious side-effects.  Further study of phytoestrogens for the relief of menopausal symptoms and their potential long-term adverse effects is warranted."

3. Help Alleviate Symptoms of Hot Flashes, Flushes and PMS.

As mentioned above, among these menopausal symptoms, hot flashes/flushes are reported by many women to be the most bothersome. 

While hormone replacement therapy (HRT) effectively reduces vasomotor symptoms associated with the decrease of estrogen levels during menopause, results of the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) trial indicated that the benefits of HRT did not outweigh the risks. 

Estrogen alone would increase risks of stroke and venous thromboembolism (VTE), and together with progestin could incur additional risks of causing breast cancer and heart attack.

As a result, the role of HRT has been limited to treat postmenopausal symptoms at minimal dose and duration, and more efficacious and better-tolerated alternatives to decrease menopausal symptoms are still being sought. 

Therefore, synthetic hormone replacement options come with risks, whereas the consumption a naturally occurring nutrient packed fruit commonly consumed by many in the Amazon Rainforest might just be your ticket for minimizing hot flashes. 

Mother Nature tends to have the answer to our ailments in an unaltered, natural form.  For example: Aguaje Fruit and Gelatinized Maca Root both have a reputation for easing the effects of early postmenopausal symptoms in women. 



Other example: in the Journal of Biomedical Science, a double-blind, placebo-corrected clinical pilot study entitled "Use of Gelatinized Maca (Lepidium Peruvianum) in Early Postmenopausal Women" found the following:

  "... induced a substantial reduction in discomfort felt by women during early postmenopausal stage. Preliminary observations outlined in this paper, particularly different responses of women to a short- and long-term administration of Maca-GO to EPMW, justify further clinical study on effectiveness of Maca as a non-hormonal therapeutic supplement, which may help women to reduce discomfort associated with menopause as an alternative to HRT program"

The literature abounds, and this little fruit grows naturally awaiting to impart benefits to the human body much like how blueberries yield an amazing level of anti-oxidants, or how Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) contains Thymoquinone and this phytochemical also has been attributed, in scientific journals, as a remedy to menopause and an alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  Here is the citation:

 "Effect of Nigella sativa on reproductive system in experimental menopause rat model" In the Journal of PhytomedicineConclusion:

The finding indicated the probable beneficial role for Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) in the treatment of postmenopausal symptoms and possibility of using N. sativa as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for post menopause in human.

So in addition to Aguaje, definitely check out other superfoods such as Maca and Black Seed Oil and see if they are right for you.

4.- Supports Anti-Viral, Immune System Strength to Combat Common Female Pathogens

Aguaje is loaded with beta-carotene and Vitamin A, which helps the immune system to function properly. 

Also the Vitamin C content alone of Aguaje is reason enough to consume for immune support.

5. Super Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E to Nourish Skin

Tocopherols (Vitamin E) assist with nourishing the skin as the Phyto-estrogenic effects of the Buriti fruit (Aguaje) start to kick in. 

Working in unison, as the hormonal changes begin, the skin itself prepares for changes as well and is nourished in the process of the body adjusting to change.

How To Select and Where to Buy The Best Aguaje Fruit Powder and Aguaje Pills?

Here are some tips on selecting the very best Aguaje:

Wild Harvested:

Did you know that the Aguaje Fruit grows on the banks of the Amazon Rainforest In South America?

It is hard to certify an entire wild forest as USDA Organic, but just be sure that the Aguaje is originating from the source, that being Peru or Brazil. 

As a consumer, you have the right to demand a Declaration of Origin:  Ensure your Aguaje brand sources from ethical and environmentally clean countries.  Ask for their Declaration of Origin (D/O). Peru and Columbia are the top countries to look for.

Avoid Aguaje from Laboratories in the USA: 

Aguaje is indigenous to South America. 

The US Based Contract Manufacturers, those that supply all the Brands on Amazon, will take a small portion of the Aguaje Fruit, and introduce additives, excipients, and fillers to maximize the profit potential.  Good for their company, bad for you, the consumer. 

Aguaje is perfectly fine all by itself, as a single ingredient superfood, and the best presentation to consider is a vegan capsule, Aguaje Pill, or Aguaje Capsule.

Whole Fruit or Pulp?  

Similar to another Amazon Rainforest fruit like Camu Camu.

Aguaje can either be extracted from the whole fruit, or from the pulp only. 

From just the pulp of the fruit produces a higher quality powder since the skin and seed tend to add a lot of extra fiber. 

This is why Mother Nature Organics describes their Aguaje as 'Premium' premium nutrients, maximum bioavailability, and absorption without all of the necessary plant-based fibers that can lead to bloating and interfere with absorption.

How do you Consume Aguaje (Mauritia) Fruit in Your Diet?

The best method for consuming Aguaje fruit is in the encapsulated form as Aguaje Pills or Aguaje Capsules.  The powder is light and fluffy and typically can only fill a 500mg capsule. 

The powder is not very water-soluble, so adding it to your smoothies or shakes isn't very ideal or easy.

Ensure that you are consuming Aguaje capsules that are vegan in nature, like all of the products offered by Mother Nature Organics. 

Otherwise, you might get an overload of Steric Acid, a common element in bovine or swine capsules, and simply put, you just don't need that headache. 

Keep it Simple, Go Vegan Capsules All the Time. 2 pills are recommended with each meal of the day. In other words, you should not exceed the numbers of capsules from 6 in each day.

This proportion is perfect to have ideal body curves without disturbing natural body functions.  

What is Aguaje Fruit?


Aguaje Fruit

Aguaje is a Rainforest Fruit found on Palm Tree. Commonly, it is known as Buriti or Curvy Fruit.

Aguaje is considered as the most economically, socially, and ecologically significant palm tree in the whole Amazon Rainforest.

Alexander Von Humboldt who was a great explorer labeled it as the tree of life. You may also hear calling it Mother of Forest.

The word ‘Aguaje” is a Spanish word. The meaning of this word is related to “Aqua” or “Water”.

It may refer to a place that has an abundance of water or served as a water reservoir including a stream, arroyo or lake in general terms.

In other words, Agauje is a place where people and their livestock drink or get water. In Brazil, it is called Bruiti. Meanwhile, in Colombia and Venezuela, you will find it as Moriche. If we talk about the shape of this fruit, it has thick scaly outer covering. Meanwhile, the yellow mushy part lies inside the fruit.

By taste, it is a combination of sweet and sour. Basically, it is a fruit that ripe on a palm tree.

It is known as curvy fruit because of its unique properties to promote and balance female hormones production. As a result of which it increases the butt and breast size in women.

Along with that, it also has plenty of other benefits regarding skin, hair, and overall health.

The residents of the region have strong faith that curved lines of its stalk, the ampleness of pinnate leaves, and the crown pattern ensures a flawless essence of womanliness and beauty through its fruits. It is originated from Amazonian Region.

Specifically, it is cultivated along the riverside in Peru and Brazil. It is cultivated in Loreto, Ucayali, Huánuco and San Martín.

Aguaje is a fruit of Mauritia Flexuosa. It is a major part of the Amazonian people’s diet from the past several centuries.

According to a rough estimate, in the Amazonian city, people consume roughly 20 tons of this fruit in a single day. Moreover, they do not eat just the pulp of the fruit. But Aguaje leaves, inflorescence, seeds, fruit bunches, and even its roots are used by the people.

Also, according to one estimate, it is cultivated beyond 12 million acres of land. In this time, everyone is much aware of aesthetic beauty. 

The beauty standards are already settled. Moreover, people are striving to achieve a flawless body. For skinny people, having a curvy body is like a dream. 

For that purpose, Aguaje will help you to become a curvy girl.

Researches have shown that the role of estrogen is significant in balancing the body outlook of women. 

Aguaje from Peru

Little imbalance in the estrogen and hormones can reshape your body in an undesireable manner. Moreover, estrogen is mainly the hormone that particularly defines the shape of the womanly assets including butt and breast.

The Aguaje fruit will help you to increase the level of estrogen in the body. In other words, a more balancing ratio of estrogen in the body, the more curvey will you look.

This superfood is a big source of Phytoestrogens, fatty acids, carotenoids, tocopherols, and flavonoids. Due to these key constituents, it has a high medical ranking.

The recent study showed that Aguaje fruit has lespeflorin G8 (LF) and 8-hydroxyhomopterocarpan (8-HHP) in abundance. In addition, it has five times more vitamin A as compared to one carrot. Along with that, it serves as a large carbon depositor as well.

To achieve feminine beauty in the most natural way, Aguaje is the best option. Rich in phytoestrogens also known as phytohormones, Aguaje helps to boost the production of estrogen in the body.

It can help you achieve the desired and ideal figure by supplying required hormones in abundance.

Specifically, it is used to increase the butt size and breast size in females. It is commonly used as Aguaje powder or Aguage pills.

Also, it is a mandatory part of the common diet in most of the curvy ladies around the world. The breast and hips size can be increased through surgeries and injections as well. However, it is quite costly to process.

Also, many women do not prefer the surgical process. There are a number of reasons in this regard. For instance, it has a longer time period of recovery time and requires extended aftercare.

Thus, fruit worked as a miracle. You just have to take it as a regular medicine or mix it in your favorite food or shake.

Apart from that, Bruiti Oil is extracted from Aguaje fruit. It is rich in beta-carotene. It not only increases the size of the bust and butt. But it is best for skin health and beauty. It is used to treat sunburns due to its soothing nature.

In addition, it restores moisture and heals dry skin immediately by rehydrating it. Furthermore, it reverses skin aging signs by producing collagen. These hormones help in removing fine lines, wrinkles, and skin looseness.

Meanwhile, it has a set of other benefits for hair. It is majorly used to control fizziness and dryness. Also, it helps to protect hair from harsh sun rays while giving them enough moisture to look healthy and bouncy.  

Conclusion and Key Takeaways!

In a nutshell, Aguaje does wonder when you want to achieve a mass on your body’s desired parts. Above all, unlike surgical procedures, it naturally activates the particular hormones in your body to work in a significant manner.

It does not have any side effects reported to date. In addition, the results are also very quick.

You will find a noticeable difference in your body in just 3 monthly only. It is a craze for body-conscious as well as health-conscious people.  

But keep in mind that you must have to intake a hundred percent original Aguaje product either capsule or powder to achieve the desired result. 

In this digital world, every other cosmetic or shopping website is claiming to sell original Aguaje Pills and Aguage Powder. 

However, there are certain companies that are selling fake products and looting money from innocent purchasers. 

So, keep in mind that the best quality Aguaje pills or powder is made only from the pulp of the Aguaje fruit. Meanwhile, the one extracted from the skin or seed of the Aguaje fruit has an abundance of fiber only. It does not serve the purpose as well.

The premium quality Aguaje powder and pills only give you desired results. Mother Nature Organic has a sole focus to deliver purest form Aguaje to its client. We use the pure pulp to produce Aquaje pills and powder instead of relying on seeds or peel of the fruit.    

What Our Customers are Saying About Aguaje - Reviews and Ratings

"I loved the product. I’ve been a stick my whole life and still to this day I have appetite issues. Even tho I miss my meals these pills helped keep my curves. I’ve noticed my change within a month in hips and butt" Richard Allen.

"Im 47, and I've been using AGUAJE for six months. This product is helping me to feel better without the dryness, itching and burning sensation (both inside and outside of vagina). It reduces hot flashes and also improves the skin making it softer. It works better than soja products." Patrick Smith.

"I bought this product for my wife who had lost a lot of weight and was looking for a product that not only can get her shape back but also give her the healthy look back that she had. This product is amazing and was recommended to me and all I can say is thank you. Fast delivery service was great as wel." Alan Parker.

Aguaje Fruit - Latest Data and Scientific Research


Where to Buy Aguaje Fruit?

1. Direct on Mother Nature Organics: Aguaje Fruit Capsules 

2. Aguaje in -  Aguaje Fruit Capsules  

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