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Maca: The Hormone regulator every woman should know


Maca: The Hormone regulator every woman should know

Peru holds a great richness of species that can’t be seen on other places. Peruvian cultures achieved a major understanding of the use of diverse plants and animals. Because of that we can find amazing plants that have wonderful properties which can be used for our benefit.

Maca is one of the plants that has been consumed for centuries among Peruvian communities to heal, relief and feel better.

What is Maca good for?

Today Maca’s beneficial properties have been rediscovered and they have gained large popularity within men and woman. Here we will focus on everything Maca can do for women and why it is a great ally for them.

1. Improves blood pressure

Maybe this isn’t the most famous consequence of consuming Maca, but we will talk about the best properties at the last.

Why is blood pressure something women should be aware of?

Studies have shown that women are more likely to suffer from high from hypertension issues as they age. This means that women should have a protection plan B when they are older, and Maca could be the perfect blood pressure guardian.

Maca contains high levels of potassium which reduces the risk of having hypertension problems1.

2. Stay fit

Another positive result that eating Maca provides is related to how you look. It has been discovered that Maca could help to reach that fit body you’ve dreaming of. 

Since Maca acts as an energy booster, it could make your training sessions longer and tougher.

It also contributes with muscular mass gain because it provides amino acids that are necessary for the muscle’s development2.

We want to stress the fact that weight loss is not as important as a balanced body composition. 

You could weight extraordinarily little, but have severe health issues related to lipids accumulation, or you could be a little heavier but look super fit. 

This can be explained by muscles being way denser than fat3.


3. PMS relief 

Menstruating can bring irritating symptoms. Happily, the cramps, fatigue, depression, irritability, headaches, and breast pain could find a solution in Maca4

Maca is capable of regulating hormone balance, which could ease the symptoms.

Apparently, menstruation is not only an inconvenience every time those days of the month arrive, but it is also and inconvenience when it’s leaving. Menopausal women also go trough bad symptoms that could get really annoying.

Fortunately, the next sections on the blog bring hope to all the females going through that time of their lives.


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4. Relieve menopausal symptoms

Menopause is such a hormonal roller-coaster. It is a hardly pleasant situation that includes many disconformities just like headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, weight gain and reduced bone mass5.

Scientific evidence sustains the fact that Maca could offer a relief for people that are currently on their menopause2.

5. Enhanced mood

Research has demonstrated that eating Maca could help to improve the mood and to achieve a wellbeing feeling.

This has been particularly studied in postmenopausal woman because it is known that menopause has an impact on mental health. The tested women showed a reduction in anxiety and depression scores after Maca treatment6.

6. Boost sexual drive

It’s not a secret that the sexuality plays an important role in our society, even though talking about sex still represents a taboo, especially for women.

However, we believe in women’s liberation and the exploration of their own sexuality. That’s why be present you one of the most popular properties of Maca: increased libido7.

It turns out Maca is not only a superfood, instead it is an intimate friend for the females.

This is such a great option for menopausal women, since it is known that menopause sometimes tends to make women lose their sexual drive. 


7. Maca and fertility

Maca consumption can improve the quality of both germs cells enlightening the fertility” -Jose Lozano8

This is not limited for women use only. Man can also take advantage of this amazing property.

Is it safe to take Maca every day?

A question that always pops up when it comes about supplements and super foods is “Is it actually safe?”. The answer for Maca is yes.

Just as with everything you consume, it is safe as long as you follow the recommended daily intake.

Supplement’s enterprises already do the math that involves “how much of the nutrient you should eat”, so supplements include the appropriate dosage to take advantage of Maca’s benefits and to keep side effects away from you.

Luckily, Maca hasn’t been associated with any health risks, so it’s likely that it won’t produce any side effects2.

However, people that suffer from thyroid problems and other issues related with hormone dysregulation and pregnant people should probably consult their doctor before including Maca in their diet2

Which Maca is the best for females?

Maca has many varieties, and which one is the best for you depends on what are you looking for. 

For example, black maca has been linked with increased libido and fertility improvement in men. On the other side, scientific research has associated Maca to mood boosting, hormone balance and to effects on women sexuality9.

Meanwhile, investigations have found that yellow Maca is better for enhancing mood and supporting overall vitality & wellness10.  

How does Maca work?

Sometimes is easier to believe all the thing something can do for you if you know how it does it.

The Maca is not a magic plant that grants wishes, instead it is an ancient plant that has an interesting composition.

Maca is rich in beneficial plant sterols that are biochemically related to hormones such as estrogen, testosterone and progesterone” – Hormones&Balance11

This explains why Maca has been associated with the sexuality and hormone regulation in general and why Maca is a perfect ally for women.


But that’s not it. Maca also contains nutrients such as amino acids, good fatty acids, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium. Vitamins are not out of the picture as Maca contains thamin, vitamin C and riboflavin12.

As mentioned before, potassium is related to cardiovascular wellbeing. In addition, Thamin is a vitamin that helps to convert sugar in energy. This particular characteristic is the one that gives Maca the reputation of an energy booster.


How to consume Maca?

Not everybody can hit the kitchen and create delicious dishes with a plant they’ve never tried before. It might be a little difficult to think of a strategy to include Maca in your diet, but that’s a problem that supplements can resolve.

Maca powder and pills help you to know the perfect dose to take advantage of the beneficial properties of this Peruvian plant.

Where to buy?

Mother Nature Organics offers a range of great supplements, Maca is not the exception. 

You can get your powder or pills on MNO’s website, Amazon , and Walmart.


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