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Mother Nature is Now in Walmart!

See Why Mother Nature Organics is Now a Preferred Walmart Partner


San Jose, CA: Mother Nature Organics, an organic superfood company from San Jose, California, announces acceptance as a preferred partner on Walmart Marketplace.

What Does It Mean to Be a Walmart Partner?

Walmart partners are chosen based on exceptional reputation and customer service, unique product line, and fast and reliable order fulfillment, as well as consistent competitive pricing.

This same commitment to excellence has been at the heart of Mother Nature Organics since 2016.

The fast rise of Walmart Marketplace as an eCommerce site, with over 100 million online visits each month, as well as its easy to navigate transaction and checkout process, means that Mother Nature Organics superfood products are in high demand to people who care about health, wellness, fitness, and organic beauty faster than ever.

Ed Sexton, Founder, and CEO of Mother Nature Organics adds:

“The Walmart Partnership with Mother Nature Organics helps achieve our goal of making superfoods and organically grown organic products available to new groups of consumers in different socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Walmart has a commitment as the low-cost leader and our company has the same intense focus regarding quality organic products at affordable prices”

According to New Hope Network, the company that offers the largest Health and Wellness Trade Show ‘Expo West/East’, on July 6rd, 2020 stated about the supplement growth forecast in 2020:

“Online supplement sales are expected to grow a stunning 61.4% in 2020”.  Reference.

The Consumer Market is Large - From Millennials to Senior Citizens Healthy Nutrition is of Vital Importance

  • Why are superfoods good for the body?

Superfoods provide a dense supply of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and nutrients that go to work fast to repair, strengthen, and support all functions of the body.

  • Which superfoods give you energy?

All superfoods are energy boosters because they are easily absorbed into the body and quickly digested and turned into energy.

Some superfoods have maximum energy-boosting properties and are especially useful for fitness, bodybuilding, and sports.

  • Are superfood supplements worth it?

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, superfoods play an important part in making sure that vital nutrients fuel the body each day.

Superfood powders and natural, organic healthy oils can be added to smoothies, shakes, and prepared foods, and superfood capsules are easy to take on the go!

    Mother Nature Organics Superfoods

    Why is Choosing the Right Superfood Supplement Company Important? 

    • Commitment to Excellence

    Mother Nature Organics products are grown in nutrient-rich soil, harvested at peak potency and cold-pressed without heat or harmful chemical additives or fillers, and are USDA certified organic.

    • Accessibility

      Mother Nature Organics has an online chat line where customers can get help in creating the best superfood plan for their needs in real-time.

      • Competitive Pricing

      Mother Nature Organics wants customers to reorder superfoods monthly to sustain their nutrition plan, so prices remain affordable while maintaining high-quality products.

      Superfoods should be attainable to every socioeconomic group and household budget.

      • Reliable Order Fulfillment

      Mother Nature Organics is committed to fulfilling orders fast, making 2-Day order fulfillment through Walmart Marketplace a smart choice and reality.


        Who is Mother Nature Organics?

        Mother Nature Organics is a family business, minority-owned, and a female-led company that draws from their Peruvian roots,  building on generations of understanding the value of nutrient-rich foods grown in the Andes and Amazon regions of the country.

        Now based in San Jose, California, the company has added superfoods from around the world, retaining their commitment to quality and to the people they are happy to call customers.

        Their clients are families, business people, athletes, millennials, and senior citizens who want to improve and sustain a life of wellness and energy with a commitment to organic living.


        For more information, visit Mother Nature Organics at:

        For Media, Investor, or Press Inquiries please contact:

        Katherine Sexton
        Mother Nature Organics
        1185 Campbell Ave, Suite A3
        San Jose, CA  95126
        Follow us on:
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