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All You Need to Know About Stone Breaker


All You Need to Know About Stone Breaker 


Lately, more and more people prefer to choose natural options to fight against ailments or other problems.

As more people join the trend, plants with amazing properties for people’s well-being and health are discovered and studied. 

This is the case of Phyllanthus niruri, well known as Stone Breaker or Chanca Piedra, a medicinal plant used by several generations of indigenous Amazons as an effective remedy to eliminate bladder and kidney stones.

I recommend you to keep reading if you want to know why tribes from the Amazon rainforest used this powerful plant to naturally detoxify their bodies.

What is Stone Breaker?

The Phyllanthus species known locally as Stone Breaker (believed to break up kidney stones) are plants used traditionally to treat urolithiasis (eliminating the renal calculi), inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, and  hepatitis B. (1)

A native plant from South America, from which leaves, branches, and bark are used to make supplements. (3)

According to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, there is evidence that suggests that Chanca Piedra has lots of properties due to its novel bioactive compounds. (5)


Stone Breaker benefits!

We have given you a small preview of the Stone Breaker health benefits. Now we will go more in-depth about them. 

Top benefits of Stone Breaker from the latest studies. 

1.- Get rid of those kidney stones

First things first, to know how Chanca Piedra helps us with kidney stones, we need to know two things.

First, the purpose of the kidney is to filter blood, which then creates urine. And second, a kidney stone is a solid mass made up of tiny crystals from the minerals calcium, oxalate, and uric acid. (16)

What science says about Stone Breaker and Kidney stones and how does it work!

Stone Breaker has been shown to interfere with many stages of stone formation in the kidney, bladder, and gallbladder.

“Research on Phyllanthus niruri suggests that it inhibits the development and aggregation of stones.” (2)

A study in 2020 showed that a Stone Breaker treatment for kidney stones resulted in significant decreases in mean stone size and number. (4)

Stone Breaker is known to have alkalizing properties. It works similar to Alkali citrate - beneficial in decreasing stone recurrence - but cheaper. (9)

The aim is to increase urine citrate (for prevention of calcium stones) and increase urine pH (or make the urine less acidic or more alkaline, for prevention of uric acid and cystine stones). (10)


Chanca Piedra also relaxes the muscles in the urinary tract, which makes it easier and less painful to remove the stones.

 “Chanca piedra relaxes the musculature of the urinary tract, helping the expulsion of the stone.” (2)

2.- Protect your liver thanks to its antioxidant power

Due to its antioxidant content, Chanca piedra may improve liver function and help protect the liver from cellular damage caused by free radicals. (8)

Chanca Piedra is rich in flavonoids and phenolic compounds that are responsible for its potent antioxidant properties, which could play important roles in hepatoprotective activity. (12)

Scientific evidence suggests that there is strong pharmacological potential in developing Phyllanthus niruri as a drug to be used in liver disorder. (5).

“A study in mice demonstrated that the protein fraction of Phyllanthus niruri protected liver tissues against oxidative stress, probably acting by increasing antioxidative defense.” (11)


3.- The stone breaker may help you with gallstones as well

We know that the job of the gallbladder is to store bile produced by the liver, which aids in the digestion and absorption of fats, and gallstones are hard, pebble-like cholesterol or pigment deposits that form inside the gallbladder. (16)

There is still more research to do, but as Chanca Piedra is

As Chanca Piedra helps to maintain a healthy liver, it may prevent the formation of gallstones.

A study found that this plant stimulates bile secretion of the liver. Extra bile helps with the digestion process, breaking down fats into fatty acids and helping to eliminate excess cholesterol from the body. (17)

Stone Breaker is seen as a health supplement that promotes normal liver function by helping your detoxification efforts purge harmful substances.

4.- Hepatitis B

The medical term “hepatitis” means “inflammation of the liver”. Hepatitis B is the most common serious liver infection in the world, and it is caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). (13)

“The hepatitis B virus lives in your liver attacks its cells and can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer, or liver failure.” (13)

The lignans - a large group of polyphenols - in Stone Breaker have anti-hepatitis B activity. It has been shown that some lignans have decreased HBV concentration and inhibited the replication of hepatitis virus B. (13)

5.- Healthy stomach!

Stomach illnesses like gastroenteritis and gastritis are very common nowadays. Let me tell you that Stone Breaker also relieves you of them.

Three microorganisms causing gastroenteritis (E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella typhi) demonstrated susceptibility to Stone Breaker in an investigation from the University of Agriculture. (19)

“Stone Breaker showed antibacterial effects on common pathogens of man including E. Coli associated with most human diarrhea, S. Typhi causing human typhoid fever, and S. aureus," a major agent of food intoxication.” (19)

“Chanca Piedra is a promising cure for human gastroenteritis. (19)”

Also, the conclusion of one study provides evidence about the antimicrobial activity against Helicobacter pylori. That study showed the potential of Chanca Piedra for Helicobacter pylori inhibition without affecting beneficial lactic acid bacteria, which means that may it help people with gastritis. (18) 


Any specific dosage? Are there any side effects? 

One study reported side effects of Chanca Piedra supplementation, which included: (8) 

 - Abdominal pain, the most common 

- Painful urination 

- Blood in the urine 

- Nausea 

- May reduce blood sugar and blood pressure levels

On the other hand, there have been various studies where there are insignificant to non-side effects.

A study in 2018 concluded that the intake of Chanca Piedra is safe and does not cause significant adverse effects on serum metabolic parameters. Daily supplementation of Chanca Piedra for 12 weeks. (6)

“A study in 56 patients showed that the consumption of Stone Breaker contributed to the elimination of urinary calculi.” (6)

Another study says that the plant extract is given orally for 3 or 4 days to dissolve the stones. (7)

In the case of taking Chanca Piedra for hepatitis B, a study showed that after taking it for 30 days, 59% of treated patients lost hepatitis B surface antigen when tested, with few or no toxic effects. (14)

There is still a lack of dosage information, but there is one thing we can say. 

We can take Chanca piedra as tea or capsules, but it’s difficult to tell how much of the herb you would consume from tea, as the amount of it into the tea depends on the temperature of the water and how long the tea steeps. On the other hand, capsules contain on average 1000 mg of the herb per dose, which is a daily intake. (8)

“No adverse renal, cardiovascular, neurological or toxic effects have been detected.” (15)

Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels.

The last but not least recommendation!

You should be sure that the brand of supplement you are choosing can guarantee the purity of the product, and that it doesn’t contain any different ingredient or additive. If you are looking for health, also make sure that it is free of GMOs.

You can find good quality Stone Breaker supplements in Walmart.



This product has had an immediate impact. The pain and discomfort I had been experiencing with my kidneys has completely disappeared. My energy levels have shot up and the fatigue that was associated with the discomfort has went away too. — David Castillo


I suffered from clogged sinuses, gallstones, fatty liver, bubbly stomach. Nose and sinuses draining 24/7. Within 5 days my sinuses are 70% or more clear with no additional meds or supplements. Did not notice stones passing however, Bubbly upset stomach decreased 50%. Great product. Just stay hydrated. — Samuel Boatner


I had my kidney stone removal surgery 3 years ago, and I started to feel my back pain coming back. Rather than having surgery again, I tried Mother Nature  stone breaker. Within couple of hours, yes, hours, Pain's gone — Linda H

There have been over 300 studies from around the world about this amazing healing plant. So far there are no side effects with Stone Breaker making it a great herbal aid for those suffering from many different health problems, especially for those suffering  from kidney stones. Try some Stone Breaker and feel good again!

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