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Doctor Recommends Maca True Story


Almost 40… Why is My Doctor Recommending Maca? (True Story)


Most women have silent and painless myomas or fibroids.   

It lives in us and is housed near the uterus, ovaries, or endometrium.  

I had no idea about them until a couple of weeks ago when I attended my annual gynecological consultation…

They told me that I had to have surgery immediately because one of them had reached a size of 13 cm and had a myomatous uterus, which means, with many fibroids.

What?  How?  Why all of a sudden?  My head was spinning!  

Currently, I am 38 years old and although I indulge myself sometimes, I try to lead a very healthy life, I ride a bike and I like to run and enjoy nature.   

The news of having surgery for the first time took me by surprise! I believed that these operations and ailments were for older people, almost elderly, but not for me.   

It turns out that my menstrual periods changed, the normal flow exaggerated, and with the loss of blood, anemia appeared.

Looking for information I found that:

Women who are nearing menopause are at the greatest risk for fibroids. (

Oh no! they mentioned the word "Menopause" what a horror! I'm still 38! but it is the harsh truth.

We are growing, time does not stop and the time has come to start taking care of myself in a mandatory and disciplined way because my body spoke and I must respond with more strict and special care.

The operation went very well, but with the recovery came the following questions from my doctor: 

And are you planning to have children?

For women it is not a choice to have children at the age we want, time passes, and deciding to have them or not is something that must be thought about now because next year can be crucial.

Well, I did respond in a very insecure way because it took me by surprise, my life goal was not to have many children and a happy fairy tale ending, I like to travel, see the world, learn new things, keep working, and grow as a professional, start a business, etc, but having a family was not among my priorities.

Well, you must start taking Maca he told me, and I did not understand why and then he explained that maca is a strong supplement that helps fertility and prepares my body for what comes to me, menopause, reproduction, quick recovery from my operation, level my hormones and my menstrual periods, etc.

So I began to find out what care I should have to be close to my 40th birthday and to be prepared to face all the changes that are coming to me in this new stage of my life. 

Below I share 4 points that I consider important and that are the beginning of everything.

1.- Improve my diet:

Everyone says it but few of us pay attention. 

Well, at this stage of my life if I gain weight no longer lose it easily, my skin will no longer function the same if it is stretched it will not return to how it was before, so eliminate fat and junk food is the beginning. 

Drink much more water than before because I need to hydrate my body and fill it with healthy minerals.

I cannot do it alone, nutrition is a medical specialty and I need to be advised by a specialist since I am also coming out of a major surgery that prohibits me from eating certain foods and maintaining a balanced diet.

In short, I must learn to eat well!

This is where I came to Sandra (a nutritionist), the nutritionist understood my concerns and after an exhaustive examination with laboratory results in hand, she prescribed (to begin with) a diet based on reducing my fat index and detoxification.

2.- Increase my dose of exercise:

At the moment I am prohibited from doing exercises during the surgery recovery period. However, the doctor has already given me her permission to walk, a little more every day.

For the next month, I must start training little by little. This reminds me of how I started running until I was able to compete in important national marathons.

Both my gynecologist and the nutritionist recommended that I do double exercise than before, I must reach my average weight and stay active, this will help my heart rate, prevent hereditary chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, etc. and even go through menopause without realizing it.


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3.- Consume a lot of MACA and other supplements that strengthen my immune system

I share one of the most interesting concepts about Maca   

Maca is rich in vitamins C and A as well as B2, B6 and Niacin. The hardy root is also packed with minerals, including iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, copper, magnesium, and potassium. Maca is also rich in beneficial plant sterols that are biochemically related to hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Dr. Ernesto Medina   

It must be for this reason that my doctor recommended it to me in preparation for receiving 40 and preparing my body for everything that will happen in my body.   

The maca that I consume is of Peruvian origin and in powder form. I take it every morning in my fruit juice:   As I still have low hemoglobin, I need to increase the amount of iron in my diet, so the smoothie that I currently drink has the following ingredients:

- Beets 

- Papaya 

- Maca powder 

- Banana 

- Moringa powder

I mix everything in the blender and take it on an empty stomach.

4.- Schedule annual medical check-ups

I share one of the most interesting concepts about Maca   

It is possible for fibroids to come out again, women are exposed to certain diseases and infections. And papilloma, cervix, and breast cancer are becoming more frequent, so it is always advisable to undergo an evaluation annual so that they carry out all kinds of tests and rule out diseases on time.

Growing up is difficult, but this is only the beginning, taking care of the skin is also important but I will share that in my next article.

My name is Elena, and I will be with you - sharing what I know about this topic… lets go through this together.  Remember, always consult your health practitioner before taking any herbal supplement. 

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