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Hi! I’m Ed Sexton, founder of Mother Nature Organics brand superfoods! It’s our mission to bring you the best quality, purest and most potent superfoods and supplements Nature can provide! We are out to revolutionize the superfood industry with premium quality at affordable prices, so our customers can stay focused on their wellness plan and using Mother Nature Organics superfoods on a monthly basis for best results. I’m really excited today to bring you the latest on our newest ad­dition to the family…Premium quality Turkish Black Seed Oil! Why Turkish Black Seed Oil, you ask? Doesn’t Mother Nature Organics already sell Black Seed Oil? And, you’re right! We do! We sell USDA certified organic Indian black seed oil that is highly therapeutic and sustainably grown, harvested and processed. We are satisfied with the quality and benefits of each and every product we sell…until we find an even better option! And that’s why we are so excited about Turkish Black Seed Oil! As you’ve read in the information above, Turkish black seed oil has larger seeds, and produces an oil that is higher in TQ, smoother and lighter in flavor, and is higher in therapeutic properties.

Don’t other companies use Turkish Black Seed Oil?

Yes. Here’s where the Mother Nature Organics commitment to excellence makes us the best choice on the market today! Many companies, such as Amazing Herbs, use conventional Turkish black seed oils from contract farmers. Seeds from different farms are often mixed together, so quality control may be lacking in the end product. These oils are not organic, and are often mixed with carrier oils to dilute the end product to compete for better pricing…offering lower quality for the sake of making a profit. Often, these companies treat the mash with solvents like hexane, in order to extract out the last few percent of oil, again risking customer health for the sake of profit. These companies often are just brokers that buy oil from other companies, with falsified or inaccurate 3rd party testing. Mother Nature Organics has partnered with a company with their own fields, located on the richest farmland in Turkey, to make premium black seed oils. The smallest batch obtained from each farm is 2-3 tons of cumin seed. Each origin farm provides a separate batch, and are never mixed in order to ensure accuracy of batch location, quality and potency. The seeds are cold-pressed to retain the highest quality and potency of the active TQ in the oil, with even higher levels of TQ and Thymol than our Mother Nature Organics Indian black seed oil product. The oil certified USDA organic, is hexane-free, and is not diluted with any carrier oils. It is filtered to remove the excess residue that can turn to peroxide if left in the product over time. Mother Nature Organics ensures not just one, but two 3rd party tests for pesticides for each batch of black seed oil; once before seeds are purchased, and again after the oil has been cold-pressed out of the seeds before bottling. These factors mean that premium Turkish black seed oil purchased from Mother Nature Organics has an even smoother taste, higher TQ percentage, and less residue than our standard black seed oil provides! Mother Nature Organics is committed to sustainable farming, harvesting, and processing from seed to table. Like premium olive oils, our black seed oil is packaged in a glass bottle that retains the potency and quality, rather than plastic which can leach unhealthy chemicals into the oils. With the worldwide crisis with overproduction of plastics, we are happy to say that both the bottle and our custom box are non-plastic and 100% recyclable!


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