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5 Best Hair Growth Oils


The Top Best Hair Oils For Hair Growth


These 5 natural oils will help your hair problems. No more dry hair, dandruff, or split ends!

"... Although YOU have MANY alternatives on the market, each natural oil has a special characteristic to help you better with a hair problem.."

When it comes to hair growth, wild hair growth, and hair problems like dry hair, dandruff or split ends, how do you know which hair product treatment or hair oil to choose?

We dig into the world of hair oils, and organic hair growth oils pointing out how certain oils can assist dryness, frizziness, dandruff, and even hair regrowth. 

 So, Which oil is best for hair growth? With so many alternatives, the truth is that each one has certain characteristics that help most of all hair problems.

Read on to learn about our five favorite hair oils and how to use them to fix your hair problems. Make your own DIY (do it yourself) blend of natural oils combining each one, and making a powerful blend to combat hair issues.

1. Organic Argan Oil: Make Your Hair Look Smooth and Manageable

Argan oil or Argania spinosa kernel oil, extracted from nuts that grow in Morocco, argan oil will do great for your hair. 

Argan oil for natural hair is well-packed with beneficial ingredients like vitamin E, ferulic acid, and fatty acids, as well as antioxidants, which fight UV rays and prevent hair cell damage. A few drops of Argan oil will not only protect your hair from heat, nourish, and moisturize it, but it will also reduce dryness, brittleness, and frizziness, leaving your hair soft and manageable. And the great part is that Argan oil is not greasy. 

A little goes a long way!

What customers are saying about Argan Oil ...


"I make a lot of homemade items: I made a homemade hair growth recipe and it called for the Argan Oil and so far it's working great. My hair has grown a little in the last few weeks and doesn't leave a greasy layer feeling at all."


"Cant say enough how much I love this oil: My hair is chemically treated, dry, damaged, and lacked luster. Not when using this oil. I use it daily. I apply right after washing and conditioning on my wet hair. Then style as usual. Also good on dry hair, skin, nails, etc. This was my second purchase and I'll definitely buy again."

2. Organic Jojoba Oil: Hydrate Your Hair Deeply

Jojoba oil is extracted from the jojoba plant. One of the main properties is that it resembles the oil that is produced naturally by our scalps (sebum). This means that your scalp is more likely to readily accept it without showing any side effects.

This oil hydrates the hair deep within, moisturizing and treating the hair follicles from the inside-out. It also treats dandruff and dry scalp problems, as well as adds shine and softness. 

What customers are saying about Jojoba Oil


"Great Stuff: What a difference I see in my hair this stuff is great. I was using coconut oil on my 2B hair. Big mistake it just sat on top of my hair. Did some research I discovered I shouldn't use coconut oil on my hair. I should have been using Jojoba oil instead. Glad I made this purchase!"


"Fantastic: This is a fantastic product. I recently damaged my hair during the home lockdowns. And I was amazed to find how much healthier my hair felt and appeared once I started using this product."

3. Organic Moringa Oil: Not Only Protect Your Hair But Does Brighter!

You will probably wonder what Moringa is, as you have never heard about it. Well, let us tell you that this is our secret ingredient for hair oil and hair growth treatment.

" ... Moringa Oil not only does your hair look shinier and stronger, but also helps protect it from possible external damage, such as the environment ... "


Extracted from the Moringa seeds in India, this special hair oil is the perfect natural oil for hair treatment. That’s right. Not only does moringa oil make your hair look shinier, but it actually makes it stronger too. Additionally, the proteins in moringa oil also help to protect hair from potential damaging factors such as UV, heat, and the environment.  

Moringa oil is well known for promoting natural hair growth due to the high content of Vitamins ( Vitamin A, E, and B), and minerals such as Zinc, which is especially important because it helps to promote keratin production.

What customers are saying about Moringa Oil


"Very good for the hair: I use moringa oil mostly as a treatment to recover dry hair. It moisturizes the scalp and fights with itching and flaking. I also massage it in the scalp and leave it for a few minutes – best source of vitamins for hair follicles and scalp. Moringa oil is known to help reduce split ends and dandruff if used on a weekly basis. Giving it 5 stars, love the feel of this oil."


"Five Stars: Excellent product. It makes my hair soft and promotes growth. I'm happy with this product."


Jojoba Oil


Moringa Oil


Argan Oil




4. Organic Castor Oil: For Your Daily Hair Growth

Castor oil is a great oil for hair growth because it has vital qualities such as vitamin E, minerals, and proteins. This oil helps hair growth also contains antioxidants, which support the keratin in hair, making it stronger, smoother, and healthier.

What customers are saying about Castor Oil


"Real and immediate results: I love this, I chopped my hair off a while ago and was worried because it wasn´t growing whatsoever. I did my searching a found this and decided to try it out...almost 2 weeks in and I can already tell I have one inch down! Super happy with these results and my hair feels way softer now. I'm also using this on my eyelashes and I have way more lashes than I did before. No more lower lash bald spots that's for sure. This stuff is amazing I love it, can't fortget to put this stuff on every night before I go to sleep"


"Bye Bye Her: I love this product! Not only has it done wonders for my lashes, but also my hair as well!! I wake up in the morning and brush my hair and I’m left with a frizzy, Hermione Granger look. Not anymore! I put a drop in my hand and rub my palms together and work it into my ends and— done! Problem solved."

5. Organic Sweet Almond Oil:  Get Your Hair a Softer Texture

Using Sweet Almond oil on your hair gives it a softer texture over time! A true fact is that Sweet Almond oil contains high amounts of vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant that combats the environmental stress around your hair, making your hair look younger and healthier. It nourishes your hair from root to tip ... Amazing!  Make your own DIY hair oil and enjoy the benefits of pure nature!

What customers are saying about Sweet Almond Oil


"A new staple: I can honestly say I found a favorite oil for my skin and hair. The oil is moisturizing, quick absorbing, and leaves no greasy residue. I have used different brands before and the #1 problem I usually have is my skin not absorbing the oil. As a result I have greasy and dry skin. This oil does the trick."


"Love this oil: I just received the almond oil and I love it. I already use Mother Nature’s Argan Oil and really like it’s quick absorbing property. I purchased the Sweet Almond Oil also from Mother Nature and love it as well. It is a bit lighter ( perfect for the summer), but still deeply penetrating and quick absorbing . My skin is very dry, but these are my go to oil. First thing in the morning, last thing at night. BTW- it is great for you hair as well. I put it on my hair at night, and when I wake up, my hair does not look oily. I recommend the product and the company."

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