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On Mistletoe, Meditation & Maca

The MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR is upon us again...yes, we mean the HOLIDAYS! OK, let’s be honest…not everybody yells “YAY!”, grabs the marshmallows and cocoa, and puts the round-the-clock holiday movie channel on TV! There are some of us who, when we think of the upcoming holiday season, groan “ALREADY???” followed by an instant feeling of fatigue as we envision a Mount Everest-sized mountain of effort before us! After the groan, which we hope we didn’t do out loud, our guilty conscience kicks in, and we vow to muddle through it all one more time…with a SMILE! So, whether you’re always on board the Polar Express, determined to take down Whoville, or somewhere in between, here are a few Mother Nature Organics suggestions that will help keep your stress down, your spirits merry and bright, and your holiday experience Happy, Healthy and Harmonious!

  • You are Not Alone – Remember that most of us feel our own version of overwhelmed during the holidays with all that we FEEL or THINK we have to get done. It’s okay to acknowledge that we are stressed and then give ourselves a reality check. Do we really need to do everything we just put on our list? Have we created our own monster? Look at ways to keep the traditions that are most important to you and your family, and gently let the rest go! You might find that most people understand…and feel relieved to let go of their overinflated expectations too!
  • Take Time for the Inner YOU – There is a very simple practice that you probably hear about all the time. It’s called MEDITATION. Many people say they can’t do it, or don’t have time; however, it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce stress. You need no supplies or special place- and it only takes 5 minutes to feel results. Whether you are in your car at the mall parking lot, at home before you start your day, or in the supply closet at work, you can meditate! Set the timer on your phone or watch for 5 minutes. Simply sit comfortably in a quiet place, with or without soothing music in the background, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Count silently as you inhale, and make your exhale the same length. Repeat, counting…even visualize the numbers as you say them in your head. That’s it! You are now meditating. Do this simple 5-minute exercise at least one time every day, and you will be amazed at how much it helps with focus, stress reduction and sense of inner peace!
  • Make Fun a Priority – With all the hustle and bustle, we often forget to have simple FUN! Take a break to read a story to the kids, bundle up and take a walk in the snow, or go stargazing under the night sky. It doesn’t take money or much time to do something for yourself and for your family that nurtures your soul! If you’re alone for the holidays, and feeling down, reach out! There are many people in the same boat, many who could use a kind word or a helping hand. And you might end up finding yourself with a new “family” that makes your holidays happy and bright!
  • Support Your Energy Levels – It’s easy to deplete our nutritional balance, energy and positivity when we are stressed to the max! Add some superfoods that put you right back on track!
Make your favorite smoothie with fresh fruit, yogurt or nut milk. Blend in some Maca Powder, or Superfood Cacao Smoothie powder and you will not only feel satisfied, you will reduce your stress and anxiety levels, enhance your focus and productivity, and increase your energy! Keep your immune system strong with Black Cumin Seed Oil and Moringa Oil – superfood oils that reduce inflammation, fight infection, regulate blood pressure, and support overall wellness. Make it a daily practice to add some to your salad dressing, favorite guacamole recipe, or oatmeal! You can even use them in pancakes, muffins and homemade breads! Don’t forget your partner! Stress can take a toll on quality time with your lover. Red Maca for women, and Black Maca and Huanarpo for men, are great examples of superfoods that help replenish stamina, energy and blood circulation, making intimacy a more powerful and enjoyable experience!
  • Ho Ho Ho – With long lines at the shopping mall, deadlines at work, and tangled traffic on the roads, whatever you do, don’t forget your sense of humor! They say that Laughter is the best medicine, and they are right! Next time you’re feeling your shoulders tighten and your smile start to droop, start a conversation with the next person in line, sing a silly song with your coworkers or kids, and keep a humorous audiobook or radio station on in the car. You will feel stress melt away with humor…every time!

Here at Mother Nature Organics, we are counting our blessings this holiday season…and our blessings are you, our customers! It is our mission to bring you the very best superfood supplements that will keep you feeling energetic, happy, and healthy throughout the year. Thank you for choosing us as your supplier, and we look forward to 2019, as we continue to revolutionize the superfood industry with customer care and amazing products! Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours!

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