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Benefits of Black Maca for Men

Peruvian Maca: The Best Ally For Men

If you are a fan of our blogs, maybe you’ve learned what Maca can do for women. 

That probably makes you wonder if maca also has beneficial properties for men. 

Here we will show you why maca could become your wingman.

What is Maca?

Maca is an ancient Peruvian plant that has been used for centuries, but lately it has become worldwide famous because of its benefits. Its effects on libido are what make Maca popular, nevertheless they are not the only benefits Maca can provide.

What is Maca good for?

We’ve named Maca the perfect wingman for a reason. Many men suffer from “bed complications”, but Maca has become an alternative for those who can’t perform or feel that they need a hand on the intimacy.

Erectile dysfunction and black Maca

Don’t be ashamed if you suffer form this condition, it’s perfectly normal, and fortunately there are many ways to overcome this discomfort.

Nonetheless, not every solution is a perfect match for all men. Maca is a natural, healthy alternative that has shown to help with this issue, and therefore Maca is also known as the “natural Viagra”.

“We observed an increase in erectile function at the end of the treatment period with Maca.” –A. Srivatsav1

Other studies that review all the information we have about Maca and its relationship with people with erectile dysfunction, reinforce the idea that Maca could improve the situation2.

Improved sexual drive 

Sex is not all about being able to perform. There are occasions where the spark does not set the fire on. Sometimes, the feeling becomes persistent, and it might feel like it’s never going to fade away.

We are aware that this situation could be frustrating, but Maca offers a possible solution for men going through this.

Maca has shown an effect on improving sexual desire. This defends Maca’s denomination as the perfect wingman. You can recover your sexual drive thanks to what Maca can do for you.  

Interestingly, Maca’s effect on libido is not related to testosterone levels, instead it actually acts on the mood!3

Improved fertility

(PDF) Lepidium meyenii (Maca) improved semen parameters in adult men (

Maca can do more for you than just improve your mood, it can also raise the quality of your sperm and with that increase your fertility. 

“Treatment with Maca resulted in increased seminal volume, sperm count per ejaculum, motile sperm count, and sperm motility” – Gustavo Gonzales4

Maca also improves women’s germinal cells 5. This means that this ancient plant is good for women as well. If you want to know more about Maca’s benefits for women, you should visit our blog.

Reduced prostate size 

Prostate issues are quite common among men, specially when they get older. For our fortune, investigators have found evidence of Maca being a prostate protector.

Maca contains high levels of glucosinolates which have demonstrated to help to protect the body from health conditions5, including those related to prostate size. 

Become more active 

The body energy runs out pretty quickly, or at least it feels like it through the day. 

Maca has been claimed to boost energy and improve the daily performance6

The probable reason behind this is Maca’s ability to stabilize blood sugar levels, which determines our energy levels-NDTV FOOD7

If your routine demands you lots of energy and you feel like you need a little help to finish your tasks, maybe Maca is a good option for you.

Fit life

Other one of the things Maca is claimed to do is helping to gain muscular mass. This in company with its property to boost energy could help you to achieve the physical state you want. 

That energy boost means longer and tougher training sessions, also the high contents of amino acids provide the fuel to build your muscles6.

Enhanced memory

Maca is most popular for its sexual properties, but that’s not all it can do. It could also maintain your mental state. For instance, Maca has shown to have a positive effect on memory when included in diet8

Maca is a super food for your entire body.

Feel better

As said before, Maca could keep your mind safe, and that involves more than cognitive characteristics.  

Scientists discovered that treatment with Maca reduces anxiety and depression scores9. Maca helps you to look good, to have more energy and to feel good too!

This is particularly important right now when the pandemic have deteriorated people’s mental health10.

Is it safe to take it every day?

It is natural to get worried about what comes inside your body, but you need to worry no more about maca. 

Maca hasn’t been associated with health risks and it’s highly likely that it won’t produce any side effects6.

However, people who suffer from hormonal issues should consult their doctor because Maca has effects on hormone regulation.


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Which Maca is best for males?

There are so many varieties of Maca, around 13 varieties if you want to be specific, and which one is best for you depends on what are you looking for. 

In our blog about Maca for women we summarize the most famous properties of the 3 varieties of Maca that have been studied until now.

You should know that black Maca is the one that has been more related to the improvement on men’s sexuality. This means that all the sexual benefits we have shown you here are consequence of black Maca’s power11.

Why is Maca so good for human sexuality?

Maca seems to work just fine for men, but how does it do it? Maca’s amazing properties are a result from its composition.

Sterols are precursors of hormones; this means that they are molecules that can be transformed into hormones12

Maca contains high levels of sterols which explains why its consumption imparts benefits on the endocrine control. 

How can I consume Maca?

Not everyone is built for the kitchen, and even more important, not everyone is used to cook with plants that are not usually included in the American culture. 

Luckily for those who aren’t likely to experiment with food or don’t have enough time to even think about it there are supplements that can make their routine a little bit easier.


Many presentations are available, but the most common ones are Maca powder and Maca pills. 

Their composition is also diverse, and you can find the perfect balance of Maca varieties for your needs. 

Where can I buy Maca? 

Maca supplements have become popular on the market, and they can be found on Amazon, Walmart and on Mother Nature Organics website. 



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