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Why Proper Breathing Is Vital?


Why Proper Breathing Is Vital?


It may be a natural body function, but many of us take for granted the power that breath has over our entire body.

Breathing consciously can transform your life, believe it or not. It can change the way you think and process emotions, how your muscles work, how often you get ill, your chances of developing chronic diseases, and so on.

Do you want to give it a quick "shot" to feel better? Leave it all you’re doing right now. Yes, right now! Are your ready?

Let’s focus just for 13 seconds …Take a deep breath, expand your lungs for 5 seconds … Hold for 4 seconds … and Exhale for 4 seconds … Make a pause of 3 seconds and repeat.  How do you feel now? Do you want to give it a quick "shot" to feel better? Leave it all you’re doing right now. Yes, right now! Are your ready? Let’s focus just for 13 seconds …Take a deep breath, expand your lungs for 5 seconds … Hold for 4 seconds … and Exhale for 4 seconds … Make a pause of 3 seconds and repeat. How do you feel now?  

Done! You just put your mind in “blank” and also forced your lungs to breathe in, for the first time, to its maximum potential.  And your lungs and your mind thank you.  You might wonder, how often have I missed this opportunity to breathe so deeply?  We take 20,000 breathes per day… and this is just one deep one. Hmm.

Did you know almost all diseases are the consequence of stress your body or mind might be getting through? So investing a few minutes and focusing on your breathing may help you a lot. 

How Does Breathing Work? 

It’s amazing how this easy exercise can help us. From the nervous and cardiovascular systems, right down to your body’s individual cells, deep breathing has the ability to transform and revitalize your health. 

When you engage your breath, you are activating your nervous and cardiovascular systems. With each inhale and exhale, your breath helps regulate, recover, and restore your body. What we can learn from here is how resilient our bodies are by natural ability

Taking A Look Into the Great Benefits:

- Reduced Stress and Enhanced Mood

Surely, you have heard about the mind-body connection and the enigma to many medical experts. Still, even scientists agree that there’s something special about the link between the mind and emotions and how you breathe. 

Do you remember when you or someone else was stressed, angry, or overwhelmed? 


You felt like that the airways in your body were becoming tighter, making it harder for air to travel from the mouth to the lungs so you ended up breathing faster, which perpetuates the problem.

This is, of course, why people always tell to “take a deep breath” during times of stress or when someone is nervous before a big presentation or performance. It’s not without reason. So slow and relaxed breathing allows for more oxygen to reach your cells, and it calms the nervous system.

According to Richard P Brown, professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University, mindfulness practices like mindful yoga and meditation can help reinforce this mind-body awareness. Those who regularly practice mindful deep breathing, such as yogic breathing, report this practice as alleviating “anxiety, depression, everyday stress, post-traumatic stress or stress-related medical illnesses”.

Why not give it a try then? 

Whether you’re looking to find a deeper mind-body connection, feel a sense of cleansing and renewal, or simply get to calm down at that stressed moment this practice will help you make each breath count.

More benefits …

- Greater Relaxation and Deep Sleep

 I'm sure many of us have had or, actually, have this problem, and don’t sleep properly might bring real issues from poor energy to craziness at the worst. 

Starting to breathe deeply, you’ll notice tension release and an overall calming effect. You might even feel your heartbeat regulating. If you are experiencing trouble sleeping, a breathing exercise for sleep is an excellent option. No doubt!

That’s why  The National Sleep Foundation recommends deep breathing relaxation exercises to help people fall asleep when they’re restless.

- Improvement of Respiratory Illness and Diseases 

 - Reduced Stress and Enhanced Mood


What Do I do to Calm Down and Sleep Better?

It’s simple and easy, and I will share with you this quick exercise that you might had heard once but didn't do. So it’s now or never, this is something that helped me and might help you too.

I always do the 4-7-8 breathing exercise and it takes me less than 5 minutes to do it and benefit from it. Of course, there are a large number of excellent exercises you can do but as all in life, we need to start out from something.

In this exercise you inhale to the count of 4, hold to the count of 7 and exhale to the count of 8. Easy, right? This process is repeated over and over during 5-20 minutes on a daily basis or several times a day depending on your needs. You can do as many as you want until you feel better. 

As I mentioned above, you will find other techniques or practices like mindfulness, yoga, etc. But it will depend on you, how you feel and if you think it’s time to learn new methods.

Having said that, no matter where your starting point is, improving your breathing will improve your life and absolutely everyone can benefit from becoming more mindful of and in tune with their breathing. 

Thank you for your time and don't forget to drink water.  

My name is Celis and I work in the Logistic Department.  My goal is for you to be able to quite your mind and relief a bit your stress by just breathing. A tool that I've learned and helped during these trying times we've all gone or are might going through. 

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