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Boost your immune system with Elderberry

Boost your immune system with Elderberry

Today we are going to talk about one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world.

We are talking about elderberry, a variety of fruits from the Sambucus trees, best known for its medicinal properties, and its history dates back to 400 BC. (1)

But today we are talking about a particular way to give it a try and fulfill the nutrition your body needs, gummies!

If you want to know what these amazing fruits can do for you, I recommend you stick around.

Firstly, what is Elderberry


Elderberries are glossy, tart, deep-purple fruits of the Sambucus tree. Among many varieties, the most common one is the European elder or black elderberry (Sambucus nigra). (3) 

The fruits are small, dark-colored berries, sometimes appearing almost black. (4)

Elderberries are low-calorie fruits (100 g of fresh elderberries contain only 73 calories), high in nutrients and antioxidants. 

The composition depends on many factors like the variety, the environmental and climatic conditions. (5)

“Elderberries contain many vitamins and nutrients that can benefit people’s health.” (6)

“Analysis of elderberry showed that it contains high biological activity components, primarily polyphenols, mostly anthocyanins, flavonols, phenolic acids, and proanthocyanidins, as well as terpenes and lectins.” (5)

It is an excellent source of daily fiber (100 g of them provides 28% of your daily fiber requirement). Plus, the fruits are rich in vitamins – such as vitamin C and provitamin A (carotenoids) – and minerals – including iron, potassium, and phosphorus. (6)

Benefits of elderberry!

Elderberry has medicinal properties associated with the presence of polyphenols, which are compounds with potent antioxidant properties. (5)

Traditionally, it has been used by Indigenous people to treat fever and rheumatism, while the ancient Egyptians used it to improve their complexions and heal burns. (2)

“Elderberry fruit preparations may provide antioxidant, antiviral, and antiproliferative effects.” (3)

Compounds in elderberry can greatly affect the course of disease processes by counteracting oxidative stress, exerting beneficial effects on blood pressure, glycemia reduction, immune system stimulation, antitumor potential, increase in the activity of antioxidant enzymes in the blood plasma, including also glutathione, and the reduction of uric acid levels. (5)

Boost your immune system!

Elderberries are packed with a high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins that boost your immune system!

Elderberry contains a whole host of immune-boosting antioxidants, including vitamins A, B, and C. These antioxidants and vitamins can help keep your immune system strong and allow you to better fight off infections, such as common viruses like the cold or flu. (14)

Elderberry also contains anthocyanins (that’s why berries are red, blue, purple, or black colored).

Anthocyanins are thought to prevent flu viruses from reproducing inside our bodies, which may prevent the onset of flu or decrease the duration of its symptoms. (14)  

Against colds and flu

Elderberry has been used for centuries as a home remedy to treat the cold and flu, both of which are caused by a virus. It is believed to reduce the severity and duration of the infection if taken within 48 hours of the first symptoms. (10)

“Elderberry may be useful for the treatment of viral influenza infections.” (3)

A 2012 study suggested that elderberry could help prevent influenza infection by stimulating an immune response. (11)

Constipation relieve

Elderberry may aid in the treatment of constipation. Anthraquinone, a compound in elderberry, has a laxative effect. (10)

Anthraquinones are thought to increase the amount of fluid in the colon and may also serve to stimulate colon contractions. (12)

“In a clinical study of 20 people with constipation, a tea containing elderberry, anise, and fennel, increased the number of evacuations per day and improved bowel movements.” (13)

It may reduce inflammation

The berries can decrease inflammation, which may reduce your risk of chronic diseases like heart disease or cancer. (14)

“Elderberry contains a variety of "bioactive" — anti-inflammatory compounds like tannins and flavonoids that can help prevent damage to our bodies cells.” (14)

Anthocyanins are known to reduced inflammation. Those in elderberry do so by inhibiting the production of nitric oxide by the body's immune cells. (13)

It may benefit your heart health!

We have said that elderberries are rich in bioactive flavonoids, which multiple studies have suggested help lower blood pressure and prevent the onset or progression of heart disease. (14)

“There is a preventive potential of berries with respect to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and associated cognitive decline. Possibly the polyphenols and dietary fiber contributed to the beneficial effects.” (15)


To sum up (5)

●     Elderberry bioactive compounds provide therapy for many diseases.

●     Elderberry’s medicinal properties are associated with counteracting oxidative stress.

●     Elderberry helps to prevent the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Elderberry Gummies?

Yes, it is. What are elderberry gummies good for?

As you have read, Elderberries contain many healthful vitamins, flavonoids, and antioxidants. And gummies are a tasty way to enjoy all the benefits. 

But there are many of them on the market. What gummies should you choose if you are looking to improve your health? 

Be sure the product you are purchasing is of premium quality, tested by a third party, with no sugar added, and non-GMO. (7)

Gummies supplements are commonly made from animal gelatin. Whether if you are vegan or looking for something animal-friendly, there are options on the market that use fruit pectin and other vegan ingredients.

You may be wondering if it is safe to take elderberry gummies daily. 

And the answer is yes! As it is a supplement to support your immune health, it is like eating your fruits to get those extra vitamins and antioxidants you need.

Of course, it is not a substitute for doctor medications, and they shouldn’t be used as an alternative treatment.

elderberry gummies

Do elderberry gummies have side effects?

As long as you eat the manufacturer’s recommended dose of elderberry gummies, there’s a low chance you’ll experience adverse effects. The most commonly reported side effects from elderberry gummies usually include digestive upset, nausea, and fatigue. (8)

What about pregnant women?

There is no evidence that Elderberry causes birth defects, miscarriage, preterm labor, or any other form of harm in pregnancy. (9) But, as a preventative measure, most doctors advise women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to avoid elderberry supplements. (8)

Can kids take elderberry gummies? Is it safe for kids?

Gummies supplements can be consumed by both kids and adults. (7)

Especially for kids, it may be simpler to add to their routine and consume on a more consistent basis than other elderberry supplements. (7)


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