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Black Maca Powder

Black Maca Powder. Certified 100% USDA Organic Gelatinized Black Maca Powder – Fresh Harvest from Peru – non-GMO – Vegan – Gluten-Free – 50 Servings (16oz)

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About the Product

  • GMO-FREE: Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Processed in the Peruvian Andes for freshness that preserves vital nutrients
  • NUTRIENT DENSE SUPERFOOD: Maca contains high levels of protein, vitamins and minerals, and essential amino acids
  • 100% GELATINIZED BLACK MACA: Gelatinized Maca is easier to digest, has a better taste and won’t cause bloating, gas or upset stomach, so its safe for sensitive stomachs
  • SUSTAINABLE & CHARITABLE: Harvested and processed in conjunction with an organization that creates sustainable jobs and income for local farmers, with some proceeds going to Peruvian charities to fight hunger and homelessness, especially for children.
  • 100% PURE MACA: Increase your energy, help balance hormones and mood swings, improve overall health

It can be mixed easily into smoothies, shakes, cereal and warm drinks and can be added to pancakes, desserts and baked goods.

Ingredients: Certified organic black maca powder (Lepidium meyenii).

Storage Information: Refrigeration not required. Store in a cool, dark, dry place.


Health Benefits

  • Men´s performance

  • Energy

  • Nutrient-dense

  • Antioxidants

How to Use

  • Add to shakes and smoothies

  • Great for baking and recipes

  • Mix with oatmeal and breakfast



Customers Questions and Answers

  1. Answered by Ed Sexton

    Adaptogens are a unique group of healing plants that have been used for thousands of years to help balance, restore and protect the body. They do not force the body into any particular direction, but instead, they assist the body’s own balancing and healing mechanisms.

    The definition of “adaptogen” contains three criteria. (1) An adaptogen is safe to use in all proportions. (2) An adaptogen helps restore homeostasis – the middle ground between exhaustion and over-stimulation. (3) An adaptogen works in “non-specific ways”, meaning it contains so many biologically active substances of use to so many body processes that each adaptogen assists several of the body’s organs and systems.

    This is unlike the modern pharmaceutical paradigm of “one disease – one target in the body – one cure-all treatment molecule”.


  1. Vernon Y.

    Enjoying the taste.

  2. Ken7on

    The best Black Maca I have tried. Full spectrum and very flavorful.

  3. B. H. Nguyen

    Totally love this product. Easy to mix with anything. No bad taste or anything. I just put 1tsp in my protein powder 2 to 3 times a day. Also, my libido greatly increases since taking black maca.

  4. Teonanacatyl

    It’s the real deal. One tablespoon a day mixed in homemade kefir with an equal amount of Maqui wakes me up and gets me pumped WAY better than any pot of coffee.
    I study and practice Tai Ji and Qi Gong and use this as a part of my own American-herbal supplement-array. It’s an excellent way to increase your yang for Yi Jin Jing training.
    Hear this and study local plants – what exists in one form on one cotenant is available in another form on yours. I use American herbs and roots when possible because I live in America, but if I lived in Asia or Europe, I’d use the plants available to me there.
    Stay excellent.

  5. Jinny Pearson

    I make my own lactation protein shake with this powder. I did a lot of research before I purchased this black maca and I landed on this one because it was from Junin, Peru which guarantees the best quality black maca. This product was competitive to other brands with price. The taste doesnt bother me as I put it in to the shake or cereal. The powder is a little difficult to mix but I use blender and it mixes better. I take this in the morning and in the evening, I feel more energy and not as tired, yet it doesnt interfere with the sleep at night. Great product! If my review was helpful, please click helpful button below. Happy shopping! 🙂

  6. RJ in Cali

    This is strong black maca. It smells fresh and aromatic. I definitely feel the difference in my energy level after taking the product twice, in a smoothie yesterday and this morning. And the price per weight is much better than some other companies on Amazon. I will certainly buy this product again.

  7. Morgan C

    From the very first scoop, I fell in LOVE with this product! I have tried other maca powders, but none of them have tasted as great as this one. The aroma is amazing! I add a teaspoon to my smoothies and it has and slight caramel or butterscotch flavor, but it is hardly noticeable when mixed in with the smoothie. My favorite way to incorporate it into my day is to add it to my morning coffee! It dissolves so easily and leaves a smooth and creamy flavor that I cannot get enough of! I noticed an immediate energy boost when I started taking this product. As a mother of three, it was a much needed pick-me-up! My only complaint is that the package can be a little hard to close. Once you get it lined up just right, it’s perfectly fine. Definitely not a big deal! Another great thing about this Maca powder is that it is certified organic and GMO-free, as well as pesticide and chemical free. It is also VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE!! When researching this product, I contacted the seller, Madre Nature, for more information. Within 30 minutes of sending them an email, they had responded! The customer service is PHENOMENAL! I will be ordering more of this powder as well as trying other products from this company. All opinions are 100% my own. I purchased this product with my own money without discounts from the seller.

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Black Maca Powder